I have decided to do 6 of the ‘Write your feelings’ workshops in 2021. But I do not enjoy the entrepreneurial work of talking about it or charging for it. So I shall just leave my intention here.

I love journaling my life. I still do it persistently when I don’t. But that’s not where I started. I was bad at it when I started (we are talking cold sweats and crying bad). After 8 years of studying and trying, now I am able to do it with considerable ease. And it has been rewarding. On some days, it helps me understand how I feel. Some days it helps me put bad feelings on paper and move on, metaphorically. (I write angry emails to people and delete it.) It always helps me understand myself: where I came from, how I grew and store a bit of my fleeting self.

I want to do this workshop so more people are able to do this- express their feelings, write about what’s going on, no matter how mundane or exciting, leave a bit of themselves to be looked at later and understood. I think the world will be a better place if we all could. I also just want to hold space and time to sit with the intent of writing about our feelings. Because this is one of those things that are easy to avoid but are important. And lastly, because I enjoy doing it.

And because I do not have an entrepreneurial bone in me, I feel iffy talking money. But here is why we must:

  1. To create accountability; to I know you will take that my space, time and effort seriously. That you will show up and give it it’s fair share of attention.
  2. To make this a sustainable practice. All of this – making, teaching, opening up – takes time, energy and effort.
  3. A part of what you pay affords workshops for people who cannot.

Which brings me to this: Go to the link in my bio to register for the workshop. You can: pay (nothing to 500 rupees), gift a workshop, donate depending on what you can afford, no questions asked.

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