Last night’s forecast predicted clouds and rain. But the sun was out all day, today. Our professor brought coffee, cookies, and cupcakes to class. I drank the …

Dear Neurodivergents // 9

It’s probably hard to see right now but you need to keep going to therapy, taking those meds, opening yourself up.
(Unless your therapist, meds, companions make you feel unsafe

Dear Neurodivergents // 11

Starting to communicate that I am having a bad brain day, to my colleagues, partners, friends was a game changer.
It made me
1. Acknowledge that I was having a bad brain day. That I wasn’t just being lazy, moody or hungry.
2. Give myself permission to have bad brain days. Know that it doesn’t make me weak, unreliable or a liability to have bad brain days.
3. Be transparent. Manage energy and expectations.
4. See that there are good brain days too.

It’s one of the hardest things you’ll do. So if you can’t find the words, use this post.