We haven’t talked in quite some time. But I think anytime is a good time to start again. And though I sit here wanting to write to you, to be honest, I am finding it very difficult to start typing. It must be because of the communication gap over the years, this communication bridge needs repair. While that is being done, I will tread on it carefully, talk about a few easy things that come first to my mind.
I know you intimately and am very aware of both the good and bad in you, more so the latter. But in spite of that or maybe because of that let me talk about the good in you, because I think it is important, and we do not do it as often as we should. I love that you are aware of your failings, and you work on them to become a better person, even create excel sheets about them. I love that you can find happiness in yourself, that a big source of happiness in your life is inside you. That you can sit in a cafe by yourself, read a nice book, appreciate the evening light, check on the cricket score and be truly satisfied. I love that you are touched and moved by things – a good metaphor, a story well told, sound of someone’s laughter, shades of the evening colors, the tenderness on an old granny’s face, and that you might be able to express this someday, somewhere.
Treasure these, they are what makes the beautiful in you, and I feel you will sail along just fine, maybe even catch a few good fish!

Lots of love!

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