Today is such an if-it-hadn’t-happened-I-would-not-have-noticed kind of a day. What else do you say of a day the most remarkable thing of which is the teeshirt my office accountant wore. Imagine an uncle with a balding spot who is good at math, who cracks bad-ish jokes and laughs at them. An endearing person whose tee-shirt read ‘DONE is better than PERFEC’

It sums up one of our many life issues. Cannot start, because will not be Maddona from the very beginning. But how great are tee-shirts for Gyaan dissipation? I may quit Instagram and move on to tee-shirt quotes. I will attend our first meeting in my ‘I like my puns intended’ and move to the ‘I don’t give a ship’ by Friday.

In other news, I am going to perk up today’s blah by trying my hand at the sewing machine tonight. If no good comes out of it, I will at least have a story for tomorrow. “Could be brave or just insane, we’ll have to see”. If you guess the song by that much, you deserve a green tick-mark on your forehead for it.

Moving on, here are some decisions I have made for myself:

  1. Share more quotes on social media
  2. Charge commission for helping people shop for clothes
  3. Do not buy a single piece of cloth for yourself in Ma

A high point of the day: Hearing mummy talk about our puppy.
“He is standing on the sofa trying to chew a pen. Papa will come and scold him.”
“He roams the streets like some Aawara only”
“Ooo he just walked away with a chili in his mouth, I will talk to you later”

And finally, the things to be proud of for today are:

  • I bought a muskmelon, cut it, and put it in the fridge to cool. Ate it.
    I urge for this to be counted as 3 points because I do not know any single girl/boy, living away from family who has bought a whole muskmelon and eaten it, cold.

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