I find great comfort in words, beautiful crafted strings of them. To imagine people taking the pain to add to them the fragrant flowers of meter, melody and music. uff. I remember tearing up at ‘lootero ka baghban banaye, nasibo ki baat hai” or a “होंठों पे कुण्डी चढ़ा के, हम ताले लगा के चल गुमसुम तराने चुपके-चुपके गायें” uff. So I made a playlist of such songs and called it ‘Like A Hug’

In the past few months I went through mind states on different ends and sometimes even beyond the whole spectrum of mind states, one of which facilitated the making of another playlist which I call ‘Trashy’ because of what R calls me when I listen to it. I try to put in it songs that once felt lowly to my sitting-on-a-high-horse mind, but that still do not objectify women in their words (strictly avoid looking at the videos) and I use the rare song objectifying men as an entitlement building exercise (which I deserve, nothing you say will change my mind).

I have often taken breaks from a bad day, a boring meeting, hollered at R and with her danced to a song from the list in my study.

Here is a list of word strings to stick by and repeat to people when needed. The list is to remind you to take life less seriously and remember that life is afterall a Govinda movie, good or bad, you have a laugh and it passes:

  • हुआ दिल का जगराता हल्का फुल्का सा धोका खाके
  • मैं fed up होगी या मुंडिया सुन सुन के तेरे दुखड़े
  • घुमा न नजर में मगर तू दिल में जगह दे
  • है धोका तोह खा ले, कभी तो आजमा ले
  • मुड मुड के देखा न कर, जो सर में सोच आएगी तोह पाँव में मोच आएगी
  • दिल उल्लू का पट्ठा है
  • दिल में मेरे है दर्दे डिस्को
  • दिल dance मरे
  • एक एक पल एक lesson होएया
  • गम का यारो गम मत करना
  • मेरे जस्बात को काहे फुटपाथ पे भरी दोपहरी पैदल चलाये
  • आते वक़्त तू scenery है और जाते वक़्त नजारा

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