I, now

  • – Learn Pranayam, meditation, yoga. Have an Excel sheet for keeping a schedule. That’s how you know that you are an adult.
  • – Can sign alphabets and basic questions in ASL.
  • – Have a Harmonica on which I can play Amitabh’s Sholay tune.
  • – Have found and read non-fiction. I even liked it.
  • – (Finally) started working on my website
  • – Left the bad associations with painting from my childhood and began drawing again
  • – Cook
  • – Write more, but not out of compulsion
  • – Teach writing
  • – Edit videos (I say J cut and L because I am superior)

The aim of this post was not to make anyone feel small or big for what they achieved or didn’t. I hope we don’t judge ourselves by our productivity. The point I am trying to make is that of accessibility. Can we please not take these optional virtual classes, accessibility discounts, alternate modes of communication, and kinder parameters for success into the non-pandemic world? I promise we’ll do much better than we are told to expect of ourselves.

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