I went to a dermatologist to understand some precautionary measures when starting mood stabilizers. A very heavy task at the end of a mind-numbing week of bad sleep, obsessive-compulsive behavior, heartbreak, and health scares. A task that would be heavy had it come to be after a week of routine and expected joy.

I started by preparing myself for the diminishing and unsolicited “mental health is fiction” bhashan people give you every time you bring mental health up around them. Then for the uncertainty of new medicines and the affected mental health. When, after sitting in the waiting room with my sword and shield for 3 hours, I showed her my prescription and asked for her advice, she said “let’s prioritize these (mental health) meds. I’ll figure out how to keep your skin well. Xyz ointments should help, but let me do some more research and message you in the evening”

I tread lighter, back straighter, having lost the weight of the sword and shield. A small, kind consideration like a timely hug just before you breakdown.

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