The conception of this account started at a drunk sleepover, when 4 women who have bathed together as children, shared secrets of adolscence, told each other reluctantly about their experience of having sex for the first time.

There is an insight hidden in this relectuncy but we will get to that later. What struck us all is the realisation that the first time we had sex with our partners, it was forced, structurally and sometimes even physically.

There is so much shame attached to the act of sex because of the divine ideas of virginity and purity, in addition to the judgement of not being a powerful feminist who doesn’t succumb to force or who doesn’t find ecstasy in the act given to us by Hollywood.

Most of us have found our paths since, some of us are on the way and some have figured out what is the place of sex in our lives.

All of this was born out of a single conversation on a sleepover. Let’s share more of these conversations.

Talking is a form of reform

and knowledge is a weapon

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