• Learn Sign language
    Everytime I talk about this, people tell me they’ve wanted to do this. It is super easy and you can get the basics within a week. There are so many, too many free sources on the internet that you can use.
  • Play the harmonica
    Unless you already play the guitar or the piano or something else, playing music has been a dream, even if fleeting for you sometime in your life. Try this: buy a cheap, C scale harmonica, look up notes for a song online. These are numbers that coincide with numbers on the holes on the harmonica. Start with the Sholay theme and tell people you are Amitabh Bachchan!
  • Journal
    Write 5 points about the day on a piece of paper. Often we can’t keep at or even start journaling because we expect ourselves to write grand journals starting ‘Dear Diary. There dosn’t have to be a diary, she dosn’t have to be dear, it doesn’t have to be about your day and the writing needn’t be coherent. Know why you are doing this, to have a future you see it and know the changes it has gone through.
  • Drawing/Painting
    The day I stopped judging my drawing skills and how beautiful my subjects turn out on paper, I started enjoying drawing. R and I take a silly prompt like ‘draw yourself with a superpower’ and just draw. Mine is making vessels wash themselves. Tip: water colors are easy and nostalgic.
  • Read a skill development book
    If you can’t think of any, pick something by Norman Lewis. Worst case scenario you’ll find out that the word ‘sinister’ was derived from left-handed-ness.
  • Look at ‘how to whistle’ articles and try to whistle louder
  • Cook (and write about it)
    You will have to do it one day, in life, do it now. Think about that one thing you miss eating in your favorite cafe and look up the recipe. If you are missing material or resources, Google ‘How to make x without y?’ unless you are trying to make ice cream without a fridge, then just make Salsa.

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