Our lives would make nice movies. A lot of times I am stuck in situations that make me think “this would be a good scene”. I have heard/read many people say the same. This only goes to prove my Cinema theory teacher right, that movies are a result of our consciousness. Of course, they resemble our lives. But he didn’t tell me that we are all different kinds of movies.

Some of my college friends were western soap operas. I have also known people who are quintessential Bollywood ‘am madly in love will die for you love me baby love me’ kinds. I, for one, live life like it’s a Govinda movie. Nothing makes sense and that’s okay. There is comic relief every now and then. Most of it at the expense of other people. Govinda gets humiliated a lot of times, no embarrassment though. There is a lot of food and silly dance. Then you are out.

I advise everyone to take things only as seriously as they would take a scene from Hero no. 1. Today I wrote an angry email to someone (I do that when I have emotions that do not find an outlet elsewhere) and sent it to a random friend (because the truth didn’t mean anything without someone to share it with). The things I wrote take courage and emotional energy to write. My friend made corrections to it and sent it back! Like in that joke we heard as children: I wrote a love letter to my English teacher. She made corrections to it and sent it back.

I was once thrown at the center of a party (my boss’ party) to do standup comedy. I just stood there unable to make sense of it. What? I have seen mothers say “beta aunty ko ga ke dikhao, dance karke dikhao” But where did this come from? Standup comedy? What? I have never done it. I only know 1 joke and save it for emergencies. I have not put standup comedy on my CV (and Kabaddi is there!) What?

Since this happened, I feel prepared for anything. You cannot surprise me, nope! I am also prepared for my next pop-up stand-up. Here are the main talking points:

  1. Mail coming back with a correction
  2. Puppy wearing mum’s jewelry (for a family crowd)
  3. Mummy asking you to read Mills and Boons because she is worried you are asexual

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