Yesterday was such a celebratory day. It was not celebrated for anything, it just felt like a celebration in retrospect. Waking up next to my baby sister was half the celebration. The other half of which I completed by going to the mall! The May resolution of not buying clothes is saving me the shopping budget that I thought I would save up for future travel or to buy my dadi some beautiful jewelry.

But then I went to the mall. I usually just shop for clothes on sale and buy a lot of them. The quantity got for the amount helps calm the guilt a little. Not today! Today, I did indulgent shopping, the kind that had made me question the adulthood of aunties for buying scented candles with money than can buy solid Marks and Spencer black cotton pants at 35% off.

I was that aunty today. I walked into Body Shop and not just for the testers. I let the lady test my skin (Combination skin, whatever that means.) I bought myself a peel-off cleanser and a face mask that has Vitamin C and red algae extract. I chose it over the face mask that had some other algae extract and Himalayan mud because its bottle was very pretty green and white. I discovered a new kind of joy in the shop. And there was no guilt. This newfound self-esteem thinks me worthy of two tiny bottles worth a four-digit bill.

I have big plans for my May end. I am collecting movies to take home and watch with papa. I got my mum a cute yellow egg yolk separator, a nail cutter for the puppy, and an all-natural mosquito repellant for the sister. My plans include reducing pimples earned by eating too many mangoes with the help of red algae extract, putting a face pack on papa mummy, learning to drive, and teaching me driving is a baby brother as my early birthday gift.

Speaking of birthday gifts, I want many! A whole new window of colorful algae-d shampoos, conditioners, face washes, body scrubs, acne marks, and eye tiredness reducing creams packaged in beautiful bottles await making me happy. When you buy it for me or make my parents buy it, use my phone number for a 10% discount that I can avail of now that I have also bought a membership.
*strokes cat, eats imported dark chocolate*

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