Today was the kind of a day that probably inspired The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was a “weird things happen but you learn something good at the end of the day” kind of a day.

I woke up on an empty bus. Correction. I was woken up in an empty bus by the conductor who looked like he had had enough with humans not being able to take care of themselves. When I got out of the door, my bag was already out of the dicky and on the road. Then the bus sassily zoomed by. Remember how in cartoons, a person is kicked out of a vehicle, and then a bag lands on his head, followed by stars or birds circling the bump that came up because of it. Yeah.

I had no clue what time of the day it was. I could not check because my phone had run out of battery. I went to a lady and asked her if I could borrow her phone. She looked at me and asked for the number instead. She handed me the phone only after my father had answered the call. When I handed her the phone back, she let out a sigh of relief, glad I had not run away with her phone. I had managed to worry 2 people within 5 minutes of waking up. 3, my father had that ‘how do you even’ face when he came to pick me up. And I was about to meet the pup with a cat smell on my clothes.

The rest of the day fizzled by very fast. With pupper, who is not so much a pup but a horse now, following me EVERYWHERE I go. Even if it is 1 and a half steps away, he must follow one and a half steps. He even sat outside the washroom when I went to pee. Then he tried to sit on my lap. Mathematically speaking, I would need 3 more laps my size to accommodate the boy now. I did not do much on my to-do list though; no painting postcards, no studying, no running. I did not even write about home sounds, the ones that I love to hear when mummy forgets to cut the call after saying bye. And the nail paint that I am finally going to take off. The story of why I have it on in the first place. But I went for my driving lesson. And learn I did.

If you had me define happy, I would say it has papa feeding lunch, mummy scavenging good parts in mangoes cursing the mango seller, pup licking my ear, and old Hindi songs in the background, a mixer that comes on at the good lines, and unticked to-do lists.

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