Today was a solid 8/10. I generally tend to love days that do not demand bathing of me. In addition to the frivolous joys of mangoes, puppies, and air conditioners, there was so much love all over the internet. Everyone was so grateful and full of love. I saw everybody’s mammas and thought “ah, that’s where the noise comes from”, “oh she could have been his sister” or “aww I can’t believe this person was once tiny” but mostly I found myself wondering whether mums are beautiful by virtue of being mothers. Because what is the probability that all women so pretty birthed all of us hags?

I gave the day an extra 2 points because I am with my Mimmi today and I can’t express how lucky that makes me feel. I got her cute yellow silicone mitts and egg yolk separator, which turns out she already has. Today I also thought of all the mothers who have helped raise me. The lady who birthed me, taught me my hand-writing, the lady who plaited my hair when this one was gone, the one who made lunch boxes for school, my Dadi who left her home and lived with me so I won’t have to sleep alone, one who told me why Extremes are harmful, the lady who made me my first drink, took me to the hospital when I got dehydrated, bought me my first books, the mothers I adopted because I needed love, one taught me to stitch, one made me gobi parathas, one makes iddli, they hugged me when I needed them.

We have all at some point worried about what would become of me when I grow up. Drugs? Bad dressing sense? Poverty? AIDS? But I turned out fine. And if we are to believe P, super-fine. I am so thankful and full of love today. And you should only do joyous deeds when you are these things. So I painted some of those. The plan is to write a bit of my heart on them and send it into the world that made me. So, if you could just message me your address or your loved ones’, they will be on their way.

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