Do my thoughts count as ‘knowledge’ now that I am a tax-paying, non-fiction reading adult? I am just seeking general consent; because personally, I feel entitled to knowledge-making.
When at 9, I decided that eating chicken was cruel; and when at 19, I resumed eating non-vegetarian food like never before calling it a cultural adaption, I never had the urge to preach it. But now I am tempted to declare ‘it builds character’, ‘you must learn to drive’ like they are universally applicable truths.
This post particularly is a preach of a particular knowledge-bit that stuck around through the opinion phase against time, new favorite authors, Nihilist philosophers to become truth “Live your life like it is a Govinda movie.” Every time I am faced with a big life problem, I am internally taking it only as seriously as I would a pre-climax conflict in a Govinda movie. In those moments, I appeal to all my sanity to not break into a sad song and some sad-ish dance moves.
At other comic-relief-aimed, embarrassing moments, I am hopeful that they are at least a Hero no. 1 if not Bade Miya Chote Miya.

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