Dear Neurodivergents // 7

Reevaluate your career, education, marriage, partnership, economic, have-children-by, hair, skin, weight, dietary goals.

Dear Neurodivergents // 6

You don’t have to prove that you are better than / as good as / stronger than someone or that you are sick / suffering

Dear Neurodivergents // 5

You are not lazy, attention-seeking, over-sensitive, *insert gas lighting tool here*. You are sad, depressed, anxious, think about self harm. Acknowledge it. Listen to your body.

Dear Neurodivergents // 4

Most of us have been conditioned to suppress our “manageable” symptoms. Please take all of your ailments seriously.

Dear Neurodivergents // 3

Don’t do the polite laugh. No, you are not over reacting. Your trauma is not comic material for others. Don’t participate in the belittling of your reality and your suffering.

Dear Neurodivergents // 2

Don’t try to fit your feelings into shiny (neurotypical) words. Our languages are inept. And our feels are complicated. Just try to feel what you feel; sometimes even to celebrate it.

Dear Neurodivergents // 1

You are not
Drama queen
Messed up
Over Sensitive
Nut Case
Attention Seeker


Some of my relatives only value a person as much as their Degrees, the company they work for, their pay per annum, their spouse’s economic status, which …