This is the most complex web of them all. There are 689 many people with the keys to get in, how does Sherlock know who killed the cat?

Maybe society forgot to lock the door, and the neighbor had a fight with his landlord and came into the house and was scratched by my cat. And even he didn’t kill the cat.

Legitimacy is a factor of power. Who has the power to legitimize experiences? Who happens to people who have experiences that are not legitimate, hence looked down upon? What do they internalize from this years after years, till some sediments become layers and they harden in the sun? Who are they now, the raw person inside, or the sum total of the raw and the hardened layers?

As a child, I got called weak for crying a lot. When I grew up I started showing signs of anxiety and panic breakdowns in school. I was then promoted from ‘weak’ to ‘broken’. Now they would try to fix me. I was sent to Vipassana, with a mind saturated with anxiety, I went to Vipassana. When I left home, I was dropped into the hands of my first counselor, he promoted me to ‘ill’

But when I took all of this in my own hands, and looked at ‘weak’, ‘broken’ ‘ill’, ‘brave’ they all felt like illegitimate children of the stuff I kept getting advice for or could find information online for. It wasn’t common knowledge and hence unsolicited advice is thrown around to not send a child with trauma to a camp where you don’t interact with anything but your brain and memories. Exercise.

When I try to explain PTSD to my father, I tell him war veterans suffer from it commonly, then I use a plane crash survivor to explain the symptoms. To which he follow up is ‘you haven’t been in a crash or a war. why are you not okay?” there a handful of the legitimacy of my illness

typhoid, google, list of doctors to select from, references

personal references matter!

imagine a panic attack
imagine someone fainted

unsolicitated advice for you: when you try to help/give advice to a person suffering with a mental health ailment, let the advice not come from the frame of reference of sadness or worry or distress you

safety props

first world problem


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