I don’t find in me the energy to do much, so I listen a lot and my favorite voices are:

  • Mumma and babyr playing doctor-doctor
    “Madam stomach hurts a lot”
    “I think you should eat Litchi icecream and you will feel better”
    “I think you should tell me to drink more water”
    “No, ice cream should do the trick. I see. Want to buy?”
  • I can hear papa explain a movie plot to mumma in their room, but he cannot get himself to complete a sentence because he is laughing to much
    “the man is hahahaha trying to blackmail hahaha haha his haha ha wife’s hahaloverhahaha but….breathe..but the lover hahahaha”
  • Papa talking to the birds is still a thing
    “le beta. BETA!”
  • Mumma and Goldie playing with his toys, each of which is called Tutu. So mumma runs around saying “tutu is miinneee, no tutu is not yours” and on high energy days “tutututututututututututu” while going round and round in a circle.
  • Mumma and R singing a duet while drying laundry.
    Puts shirt on the clothes line “wo toh koi aur thi jo”, puts pants on the other line “aanko se sama gai dil mein” starts to put clips on the clothes (together) “udliii uuuu, uddliii uuuu”
  • The oven going tinng when it has cookies or Lasagna in it.
  • The bubbling of coffee in the espresso maker.
  • “P, there’s a parcel at the door for you”

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